5 Reasons Why I Miss High School


When I think about high school now, all four years seem like a complete blur. Much like the main character Melody Thomas in my upcoming novella, “The Misadventures of Melody T.”, high school seemed like a long sequence of ups and downs.

I remember significant events like that time I got dumped in the second floor stairway during passing period by my first love Sophomore year. But I also remember happy times like performing for pep rallies and when our school won our first football state championship in like 10 years.

Reflecting back now as an adult, people kept telling me the same thing over and over, but I totally took it for granted. So here it is, cherish those 4 years like you cherish that little iphone of yours you love so much!

Yes, high school can be both exciting and full of disappointments, but it’s an experience so enjoy it you’ll never get that time back. You may think life sucks now, it doesn’t…it only gets better!

Here are my 5 Reasons Why I Miss High School:

  1. No bills– I lived with my parents and I didn’t get a cell phone or a car ’til Junior year. I had part-time jobs, but it was my choice. I mainly spent the money from those checks on junk anyway.
  2. Band– If you’ve never been in band before you won’t understand.
  3. Football and Basketball games– I’m a Basketball fan myself. Before Facebook and Twitter you actually had to meet boys from other schools at events or the mall.
  4. The Dances– I loved getting all dolled up to go dance and hang-out. I didn’t have a date for each dance, but I always had fun.
  5. Tennis-Every now and then I get an itch to play, but it doesn’t happen often that I get to. Most of the time I just watch it on TV.

Shout out to my alma mater Center Senior High School home of the Yellowjackets!

What do you miss most about high school? Are you still in school? Does it suck? Do you think you’ll miss it when you graduate?

Comment below!

Author: Nicole Alicia

Nicole Alicia is a fiction writer and blogger from Kansas City, Missouri.

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