Sick Before Homecoming

This a flash fiction piece based on the main character, Melody Thomas from my upcoming novella, “The Misadventures of Melody T.”

The last class of the day always took forever. I waited and waited on Fridays especially for the short hand on the clock to hit 2 and that long hand to hit 9. I couldn’t stand this class anyway. Even though it was more the teacher, than the class I couldn’t stand. But today was even worse. I could feel I was coming down with something. So time really was dragging extra hard.

I didn’t even want to get out of bed this morning. My nose had been running all day. Mom wasn’t going to let me stay home since she knew midterms were starting today and I had been struggling hard in Science class. Shannnon said this morning that I didn’t look so hot after Science class this morning too. Good thing Cortez wasn’t in class today.

I didn’t want him seeing me look like death warmed over. Homecoming was this weekend but it look like a big question mark in my head.

Now if the bell would ring I could go home, get away from this place and just sleep the night away and feel better in the morning. The final bell, yes!

“Miss Thomas, I need to see you,” Mrs. Lindell said. I looked around as everyone else was rushing out the classroom door.

I was still sitting. I slowly threw my notebook and pen in my bag, stood up and placed the hood from my hoodie on my head and slung my bag on my shoulder.

Standing there feeling hot and damn near about to faint, I leaned on her desk as she handed me the typed paper off her desk. I could see the letter “D”, handwritten largely at the top in red pen.

“This Miss Thomas this isn’t going to cut it, now I know you can do better. So do it.” I didn’t even look up, my eyes were so focused in on the letter at the top of the paper. All I could manage to eek out was, “I will, I will.”

This lady had it in for me since the beginning of the semester, I swore it! I had never received below a B and now all of a sudden I was getting D’s and stuff. I took the paper and saw that she probably expected me to say more by the look on her face. But I had to go. I still had to stop by my locker and the rest of my stuff for the weekend.

Walking very briskly down the hall and the around the corner, I got to my locker grabbed my stuffed and rounded the corner just in time to see that busses were already pulling off. I reach my arms out, running busting through the schools front doors and down the stairs. There was no way in hell I was going to catch bus 92 which was already turning on to the main street.

Author: Nicole Alicia

Nicole Alicia is a fiction writer and blogger from Kansas City, Missouri.

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