4 Ways To Enjoy Valentine’s Day, Bae Or Nah

happy valentine's!

My character Melody Thomas goes through a couple of love interests in my novella, “The Misadventures of Melody T.” (to be released in March). Like her, I went through crush stages, like stages, love stages and eventually my first real boyfriend. In high school, there’s so many feelings you go through, right? Oh, the drama!

You may find your first love or you may not. You may think that all the boys in your school (or boys period for that matter) are lame’s or jerks. And that’s perfectly fine. However, you don’t necessarily need a bae or a boyfriend to have a great Valentine’s Day! (If you have one though that’s great, too!)

It’s a fact though, young love is often time’s fickle and a strange character to understand. So if you find yourself down because Valentine’s is Sunday, don’t be.

Show yourself some love!

Here are 4 definite ways to show yourself or someone you love on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Take yourself to Starbucks, girl! Have a caramel macchiato or two!
  2. Buy yourself some flowers, chocolates, Ice cream and/or balloons and have a netflix marathon
  3. If you have other friends that are single, a sister or even a brother go have lunch or dinner
  4. It may be late to send or give a card (do people still do this? I do. ) Instead send them a e-card

You should be doing things on a regular to show some self-love and to show your loved ones love. Since we have February 14th to do it in a special way, why not take special advantage!




Author: Nicole Alicia

Nicole Alicia is a fiction writer and blogger from Kansas City, Missouri.

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