Do You Need To Fit In?

Do You Need To

When I was in High School (I know everytime I say this I sound old), there were different cliques. There were the “popular kids”, who weren’t necessarily athletes that everyone knew their names.

They usually had the freshest gear, set trends and their hair was always done in the latest style. Then there was the “smoker crew” who hung out across the street before and after school to well, smoke. They were cool peeps for the most part even though some were known to frequent the principal’s office. We had the athletes and cheerleaders but they could be mostly lumped in with the “cool kids”.Then there were “The Goths” ( I think they’re called something different now) who wore all black, some wore heavy dark makeup and were Thespians. I related with a lot of them because they were seen as outcast for doing their own thing. Many of them were very artistic and creative and I loved that.

But more or less I just tried to blend in. I was about 90lbs, 5’5 wore glasses and wasn’t very fashionable (I tried, it just wasn’t my thing). Also, I was quiet and for some reason kids assumed I was super smart when I had to study just like them.

I hated being picked on and avoided conflict at all costs. Popular kids who were loud and talked alot, thought I was weird for being quiet. Some of the black kids would tease me for hanging with the white kids. I didn’t fit into any particular category, I just was and when I became a Senior that was finally OK with me. I stopped trying and just was comfortable with me.

It seems like nowadays, you can be who you want and people leave you alone for the most part. It’s totally opposite from years ago. It seems like different is embraced more.

As a teen, do you still need to “fit in”? Is it easier to just blend in? What’s your opinion? Comment!

Author: Nicole Alicia

Nicole Alicia is a fiction writer and blogger from Kansas City, Missouri.

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