I Worked In a Bookstore…Once

Once When I Worked In A Bookstore...

Back in high school, I  started working at Price Chopper (a local grocery store chain in Kansas City) when I was 15 and a half. I really thought I was doing something with my minimum wage check that only equaled roughly $150 every two weeks.

That first job was the hard. I hated being on my feet and pushing baskets from the parking lot in 100 degree weather was the worst.  My parents didn’t really want me to work during the school year, so the next Summer I got a job at a bookstore in Ward Parkway Mall.I thought, how awesome is this going to be!?  I still had to stand on my feet, but I figured I could get past it. For a book lover and avid reader, what better place to be, right? Wrong!

At the time the mall was mostly deserted. They were doing major construction on the mall and I wasn’t even allowed to read while on shift, let alone sit down. My little 4 hours a night would was a drag. Before closing I had to sweep the store and let me tell ya, bookstores are one of the most dustiest places ever!

I found out the older books or ones that wouldn’t sell, we were required to send back to the distributor and some were even destroyed (literally, we would rip the covers off paperbacks and throw them out…in the trash compactor).

The best thing though was knowing when books were coming out before the public knew. I guess I could say though it was one of best worst jobs ever. If anything I got to conversate with a bunch of kids that I went to school with who were just looking to pass time. A bonus though, I did get to keep some of the books that we were throwing out.

Talk about dreams crushed, I know.

Have you ever worked at a job you thought was going to be sweet and turned out to be quite the opposite? Comment!



Who Is “The Misadventures Of Melody T.” For?

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As I am come to a close, writing the last chapter of “The Misadventure Of Melody T.” I began to reflect on all the people I’ve told about this little Novella. After telling my beautician, my mom, my dad, uncle, aunt and cousins basically, family and friends, there’s also the occasional curious, random people who ask what I do for a living. Like any writer, I confidently tell them, “I’m a writer!”

If more inquiry is made I usually explain to them, I write fiction and I have a freelance writing business. But the question that is asked most frequently is “what’s the book about?”

So, if you’ve been reading my blog thus far you should have a slight idea hopefully of what it’s about and if you don’t just sit tight. I’ll soon be posting my “blurb” that will appear on the back of this novella. But until then, I’ll share with you who I had in mind or my ideal reader is for this book. So here we go…

Daysha Devine’s Top 10 “Who This Book is For”:

  1. If you were in High School between 1999 and 2002, this book is especially for you!
  2. If you have been hurt by a friend before, this book is for you!
  3. If you’re awkward in anyway and have ever felt like you don’t quite fit in, this book is for you!
  4. If you hated High School at any point in that 4 year span, this book is for you!
  5. If you who has been in love, young love this book is for you!
  6. If you have lost a true friend tragically, this book is for you!
  7. If you weren’t popular, but you weren’t a total outcast, this book if for you!
  8. If you want to read a good story that’s a bit humorous at times, sweet but heart wrenching, this book is for you!
  9. If you’ve ever wanted to give up at anything in life, this book is for you!
  10. If you’ve ever felt bullied, pushed around or played, this book is for you!

So if any of these apply to you, great! Stay tuned, I’ll be posting a definite release date pretty soon.




Hey Young Love

Hey Young Love

Young love sucks. Well usually.

Thinking back on it, I always seemed to like or have a crush on someone who wouldn’t even give me a second look. Ha, they probably didn’t know that I even existed. It’s a challenge for some of us who aren’t necessarily with the “cool” kids, but weren’t nerds (ok, I admit I was a nerd).

Young love can be so fickle and vulnerable. Everything’s so fresh and new, until one day someone says or does something wrong or decide they just want to date someone else. The next you’re breaking up. Now days it’s just even more complicated with social media and all. Who wrote what on whose wall and who liked whose pics (LOL).

In the early 2000’s when my character Melody from my upcoming novella, “The Misadventure of Melody T.” was in High School, cell phones were just becoming a big thing to have. Some boys still had pagers.

So, moral of the story is don’t sweat it too, too much when that long relationship of 6 weeks doesn’t work out for you. There are other guys out there. I promise!