Who Is “The Misadventures Of Melody T.” For?

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As I am come to a close, writing the last chapter of “The Misadventure Of Melody T.” I began to reflect on all the people I’ve told about this little Novella. After telling my beautician, my mom, my dad, uncle, aunt and cousins basically, family and friends, there’s also the occasional curious, random people who ask what I do for a living. Like any writer, I confidently tell them, “I’m a writer!”

If more inquiry is made I usually explain to them, I write fiction and I have a freelance writing business. But the question that is asked most frequently is “what’s the book about?”

So, if you’ve been reading my blog thus far you should have a slight idea hopefully of what it’s about and if you don’t just sit tight. I’ll soon be posting my “blurb” that will appear on the back of this novella. But until then, I’ll share with you who I had in mind or my ideal reader is for this book. So here we go…

Daysha Devine’s Top 10 “Who This Book is For”:

  1. If you were in High School between 1999 and 2002, this book is especially for you!
  2. If you have been hurt by a friend before, this book is for you!
  3. If you’re awkward in anyway and have ever felt like you don’t quite fit in, this book is for you!
  4. If you hated High School at any point in that 4 year span, this book is for you!
  5. If you who has been in love, young love this book is for you!
  6. If you have lost a true friend tragically, this book is for you!
  7. If you weren’t popular, but you weren’t a total outcast, this book if for you!
  8. If you want to read a good story that’s a bit humorous at times, sweet but heart wrenching, this book is for you!
  9. If you’ve ever wanted to give up at anything in life, this book is for you!
  10. If you’ve ever felt bullied, pushed around or played, this book is for you!

So if any of these apply to you, great! Stay tuned, I’ll be posting a definite release date pretty soon.




Author: Nicole Alicia

Nicole Alicia is a fiction writer and blogger from Kansas City, Missouri.

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