Daysha D’s Summer ’16 Reading List

Daysha D's Summer '16 Reading List (1)


I thought maybe I’d share with you my reading list or books that I plan on reading this Summer. I’ve been on a roll reading lately and hope to at least complete all of these books I have listed by Summers end (crosses fingers and hopes like none other). Also from my last post you know that I love Biographies and Memoirs, so I have a couple of those as well as so fiction mixed in. My list is very short unlike the hundreds of others I see posting their Summer reading lists.

As I am getting older the more I am learning that reading is so educational. I am just at a point where I am not only thirsty for knowledge but just so interested in different writing styles of different authors. I figure also before I add one more child to our household,  I better get all the reading in I can do NOW. So lets hop right into it!

Daysha Devine’s 2016 Summer Reading List

  1. I Almost Forgot About You By Terri McMillan

Terri McMillan has been a favorite of mine since I read “A Day Late and A Dollar Short” back when I was in high school. Most know her from her novel, “Waiting To Exhale” but she has many other works that I favorite as well. This latest one peeked my interest because it’s about a woman, who has decided after awhile to take a different path in life. It sounds to be a story of love and courage which is something I am always interested in.

2. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before By Jenny Han

Jenny Han is another author I’m faintly familiar with. I read and almost finished a book, “Burn For Burn” she co wrote with author Siobahn Vivian. It had excellent first person narrations from the characters but it was a little lengthy for me. Anyways long story short I still have it in my collection and plan to finish it someday. Although in my early 30’s, past the young adult stage, I still love a good YA fiction novel. This one that came out earlier this year, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” just the title alone sounds relate-able. Reading the book blurb, it sounds like a story that would take me back to those lovely teenage years, I both hated and now cherish memories of.

3. Fresh Off The Boat: A Memoir By Eddie Huang

You’ve probably seen the hilarious comedy, “Fresh Off The Boat” on ABC. Well before the sitcom was the book about his actual life. Eddie Huang is a restaurateur, chef and personality who I personally am a fan of his show Huang’s World on the new cable channel Viceland. His personality is comedic, yet down to earth. I hear the book is better than the show so I know I’ll love this memoir.

4. The Cook Up: A Crack Rock Memoir By D. Watkins

Recently, D. Watkins Memoir appeared on O Magazine’s Summer reading list. A tale of growing up in a rough neighborhood, drugs and triumph sounds like the makings of a great Memoir.

There are so many great books out or that are coming out soon. Between continuing to edit my own Novella (I’ll be updating you guys on that very soon) and these great read I’m sure I’ll be booked up the entire Summer. (P.S. Get it…”booked”….lol. I laugh at my own corny jokes)




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