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It’s been quite sometime since I have blogged (so let’s see if I can remember how to do this). I was super motivated earlier this year and then boom I got pregnant…with twins. Things were going good throughout this Spring. I felt good for the most part until pregnancy brain started to kick in sprinkled with a dash of tiredness. Then my motivation went out the window. On top of pregnancy, my husband and I decided that we were outgrowing our little two bedroom apartment and needed a house for our growing family.

Long story short, we found out shortly before we were about to move to our first house that one of twins had passed away and that there were some problems with the surviving baby. Genetic disorder tests were ordered and we breathed a sigh of relief when the test came back negative. However, that still didn’t explain why I had low amniotic fluid, the babies brain had fluid on it and he just wasn’t growing like he should have been. He was the size of 16 week old fetus at 20 weeks gestational age.

We prayed and prayed for our little guy. On August 19th our little guy, Nicholas Alexander was born, but not breathing. We kind of knew the night before he was going to pass away because he had stopped moving and his heart rate had slowed down dramatically.

I was devastated, to put it mildly. I slipped into a deep depression and fought with myself just to get out of bed to care for our 2 year old daily. It’s been beyond tough. This is the fourth pregnancy I’ve lost. There for awhile it was like living a nightmare that you couldn’t wake up from.

Things are a bit better, although I thought we would have 3 children to care for this holiday season. We don’t. I had given up on writing for awhile, then realized that it’s what always helps me get through. Writing is so therapeutic for my soul. Every time I try to leave it alone, I always turn back to it.

So for all of you who were wondering were I slid off to, or “what’s going on”, this is my story. I am still working diligently to get The Misadventures of Melody T. edited and in the hands of my readers in early 2017. I am also working on some short stories as well. I really appreciate you hanging with me. I pray that 2017 will be a better year.

Thanks for reading!


Excerpt #2 From The Misadventures Of Melody T.

Excerpt #2 from -The Misadventures of Melody T.- A Novella

Saturday mornings was usually the same routine. Breakfast with Mom, Dad and Michael. We always ate at our favorite breakfast spot, GiGi’s that made these delicious cinnamon rolls. Since Dad works so much, it’s almost impossible to talk to him one on one any other day of the week but Saturday’s. Saturday mornings was our time. After we finished eating, Dad dropped us off back at home and took off for the rest of the afternoon and Mommy went for weekly hair appointment.

When we got back to the house, Mikey went to living room immediately and turned on the TV. From the kitchen I could hear the weekend video countdown intro come on. I peeped around the corner and saw he had his feet propped up on the coffee table steady making the volume rise on the TV . On the kitchen counter, the number 2 was flashing in red on our black answering machine. I looked at the caller id on the phone and scrolled. There were a couple of numbers I hadn’t seen before. Probably all calls for my Mikey, I thought.

“Aye, turn that down a minute, I gotta use the phone,” I yelled.

“It’s not even that loud Dee!” I rolled my eyes, snatching the phone off the charger and stomped all the way up stairs. I knew he wasn’t going to do what I said after the TV actually started going up louder when I hit the stairs. Slamming the door to my room, I plopped down on my bed. Scrolling through the caller ID, I spotted a number that looked halfway familiar and called it back. I inhaled deeply and held it, while pressing redial on the receiver. As the phone began ringing, my heart was beating so hard in my little chest. I was surprised he had kept good on his word.

Daysha D’s Summer ’16 Reading List

Daysha D's Summer '16 Reading List (1)


I thought maybe I’d share with you my reading list or books that I plan on reading this Summer. I’ve been on a roll reading lately and hope to at least complete all of these books I have listed by Summers end (crosses fingers and hopes like none other). Also from my last post you know that I love Biographies and Memoirs, so I have a couple of those as well as so fiction mixed in. My list is very short unlike the hundreds of others I see posting their Summer reading lists.

As I am getting older the more I am learning that reading is so educational. I am just at a point where I am not only thirsty for knowledge but just so interested in different writing styles of different authors. I figure also before I add one more child to our household,  I better get all the reading in I can do NOW. So lets hop right into it!

Daysha Devine’s 2016 Summer Reading List

  1. I Almost Forgot About You By Terri McMillan

Terri McMillan has been a favorite of mine since I read “A Day Late and A Dollar Short” back when I was in high school. Most know her from her novel, “Waiting To Exhale” but she has many other works that I favorite as well. This latest one peeked my interest because it’s about a woman, who has decided after awhile to take a different path in life. It sounds to be a story of love and courage which is something I am always interested in.

2. To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before By Jenny Han

Jenny Han is another author I’m faintly familiar with. I read and almost finished a book, “Burn For Burn” she co wrote with author Siobahn Vivian. It had excellent first person narrations from the characters but it was a little lengthy for me. Anyways long story short I still have it in my collection and plan to finish it someday. Although in my early 30’s, past the young adult stage, I still love a good YA fiction novel. This one that came out earlier this year, “To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before” just the title alone sounds relate-able. Reading the book blurb, it sounds like a story that would take me back to those lovely teenage years, I both hated and now cherish memories of.

3. Fresh Off The Boat: A Memoir By Eddie Huang

You’ve probably seen the hilarious comedy, “Fresh Off The Boat” on ABC. Well before the sitcom was the book about his actual life. Eddie Huang is a restaurateur, chef and personality who I personally am a fan of his show Huang’s World on the new cable channel Viceland. His personality is comedic, yet down to earth. I hear the book is better than the show so I know I’ll love this memoir.

4. The Cook Up: A Crack Rock Memoir By D. Watkins

Recently, D. Watkins Memoir appeared on O Magazine’s Summer reading list. A tale of growing up in a rough neighborhood, drugs and triumph sounds like the makings of a great Memoir.

There are so many great books out or that are coming out soon. Between continuing to edit my own Novella (I’ll be updating you guys on that very soon) and these great read I’m sure I’ll be booked up the entire Summer. (P.S. Get it…”booked”….lol. I laugh at my own corny jokes)




A Star You Can Relate With

A Star You Can Relate With


Taking a break to gather my thoughts and get my self together I decided to post, finally. I’m currently 4 months pregnant and days have been a struggle. My husband and I will be welcoming our second child in November. Since I last posted, I have been reading and resting a lot.

I love books and reading when I can squeeze it in between chasing down my 2-year old and napping for two now days. So for Mother’s Day my mom gifted me with singer Toni Braxton’s book “Unbreak My Heart : A Memoir”. I can’t really remember the last time I read a biography but I love reading about other peoples lives.

In this book, Toni Braxton talks about how her super strict religious upbringing had a lasting effect on her life. She also discusses what happened when she was the only one chosen to be signed to a record deal out of her group of sisters. What I found surprising was this beautiful woman had insecurities with her body and her looks just like any other woman would.

I love to read about super stars that are just so relate-able. I’m an only child and never knew what it was like to grow up with a bunch of sisters. But I loved reading about it. What I found that I related with her on was that she was just working and working, ignoring the signs that she was possibly ill. I can say I have been there before also.

Sometimes we put celebrities on a pedestal like there life must be perfect because they’re beautiful, talented and have a lot of money. But we know this isn’t always the case. They are people like us too. Okay, maybe with a bit more spotlight and fame than others but what I loved most about Ms. Braxton’s biography she shared some of her most high points and low points. I love to hear other people’s stories. Often there is so much inspiration gained from hearing people’s triumphs and let downs.

So glad to have read this. Another excellent read!


Waiting For The Perfect Writing Conditions

Writing has always been my thing. I love it! I have written stories, articles and have kept a journal consistently since childhood.

I can’t get enough of writing. As of lately though, I noticed I had been waiting for what I call the my perfect writing conditions to write or blog. With a 2 year old however, that is happening less and less these days.

Ideally for most writers, a quiet or mellow environment with little distractions is needed. And this is same for me, sometime. I used to not be able to work in a cafe or around a lot of people or noise. Now I can usually tune it out (the power of motherhood, maybe).

Seems like the harder I fight for the perfect writing conditions, the harder they are to come by. Many writers who are parents, choose to write either early in the morning or late at night when there house is still. This was working for awhile but for some reason not so much lately. So through out the day when my child is really engaged in playing or napping is where I have been able to squeeze in work and (an occasional trip to my favorite cafe maybe once a week when the hubby can be home).

So what do I need to get into my writing mode?  (everyone lean in close for my secret…)

Specifically, a good beverage (smoothie, coffee or hot cocoa), a good playlist on Spotify and a clear mind.

Is this what I need to get in touch with the my creative mind/heart…Sometimes.

As of lately though, I just have to do it. Sometimes it’s good just to jump in it.

However, I’m sure that waiting on the perfect writing conditions for me these days is productive. I know some writers need this and don’t get me wrong, it’s nice when I can catch that perfect moment… it’s awesomely euphoric.

But for now, I will fight through the distractions, duties and time constraints to do what I love and what is necessary. Write!

Don’t Let Fear Hold You Back

All progress takes place outside the comfort zone

When I talk about fear in this instance I’m not talking skydiving or anything crazy like that…Well not in this post atleast ;).

I’m talking about following your dreams or just simply going for something you’re scared to do. Like maybe entering a competition or writing a novel. In my upcoming novella, “The Misadventures of Melody T.” the main character Melody let’s fear of repeat failure hold her back.

She was relying heavily on her friends for support and encouragement for so long. One day when they were no longer there anymore, she became lost. Scared to persue things by herself and go places alone.

I think sometime we can become so reliant on others that it can stifle our own personal growth a bit. Your friends may not always be available or interested necessarily in somethin you are into.

For example, writing is hard! For so long in my own life I let fear of failure and others opinions hold me back from doing what I loved to do.

I still have to fight that anxiety from time to time but it’s not nearly as bad as it used to be.

Moral of the story is, if you have a passion for something like music, dance, art perhaps a sport get out there and go for it. Whatever, it maybe don’t fear what others think and don’t let you hold you back. Failure is the best lesson and you never really know until you try!

Much love,




I Worked In a Bookstore…Once

Once When I Worked In A Bookstore...

Back in high school, I  started working at Price Chopper (a local grocery store chain in Kansas City) when I was 15 and a half. I really thought I was doing something with my minimum wage check that only equaled roughly $150 every two weeks.

That first job was the hard. I hated being on my feet and pushing baskets from the parking lot in 100 degree weather was the worst.  My parents didn’t really want me to work during the school year, so the next Summer I got a job at a bookstore in Ward Parkway Mall.I thought, how awesome is this going to be!?  I still had to stand on my feet, but I figured I could get past it. For a book lover and avid reader, what better place to be, right? Wrong!

At the time the mall was mostly deserted. They were doing major construction on the mall and I wasn’t even allowed to read while on shift, let alone sit down. My little 4 hours a night would was a drag. Before closing I had to sweep the store and let me tell ya, bookstores are one of the most dustiest places ever!

I found out the older books or ones that wouldn’t sell, we were required to send back to the distributor and some were even destroyed (literally, we would rip the covers off paperbacks and throw them out…in the trash compactor).

The best thing though was knowing when books were coming out before the public knew. I guess I could say though it was one of best worst jobs ever. If anything I got to conversate with a bunch of kids that I went to school with who were just looking to pass time. A bonus though, I did get to keep some of the books that we were throwing out.

Talk about dreams crushed, I know.

Have you ever worked at a job you thought was going to be sweet and turned out to be quite the opposite? Comment!